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Boat and Yacht Fiberglass Repair you can count on…

Fiberglass Scott is a well known, highly-qualified, boat repair technician in the Bay Area. He specializes in yacht fiberglass repair and gelcoat repair as well as complete marine reconditioning.

For decades, he has employed the latest skills and techniques while using only the highest-quality materials for your boat or yacht’s fiberglass project. His capabilities are nearly limitless, and range from building a custom piece or part to a major structural modification. When you see him work, you will instantly recognize why he is one of the best in the Bay Area.

Bring new life and restore the original beauty of your boat. He can fix minor scratches or make major repairs to your fiberglass and gelcoat. He will elaborately prepare the work area prior to beginning the hull preparation and carefully corrects any deficiencies in the gelcoat. He is also an expert at color matching.

For more information about  Fiberglass Scott Co. and his yacht fiberglass repair & fabrication, contact him today.

Fiberglass repair for yachts and boats

Fiberglass repair for yachts and boats