Cosmetic Fiberglass Repair

Cosmetic fiberglass repair can add significant value and enjoyment to your boat

Spider Cracks- These are small, hairlike cracks that appear on the gel-coat of boats.These cracks are generally cosmetic, and indicate flexing of the hull. Sometimes these spider cracks facilitate water to reach the the fiberglass structure which can cause blisters.

Blisters- These are caused by water maintaining contact with fiberglass. The water assists in forming an acidic substance that decays the fiberglass and gel-coat. Where you find one blister, there are typically many more.

Scratches- This is the most common form of damage that simply cannot be completely avoided.

Oxidation- Like scratches, this is also unavoidable for boat owners in Galveston and in the Bay Area. Fiberglass Scott is a master at getting your boat back in shape as this occurs over long periods of time.

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