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Fiberglass repairs season

This is the busy time of year and we are ramping up our fiberglass repairs season at the moment. Right now we can get to you quickly but as summer progresses, it may take some time for us to get to your job. We specialize in turning your boat or yacht back to it’s former glory and are known as the top fiberglass repair service for high end services in Clear lake, Kemah, Texas City, Galveston, and Seabrook. Ask for […]


Gel coat repair is heating up for summer!

Our gel coat repair business is in full swing this summer. Many have said that we are the most reliable and trusted company to handle your fiberglass gel coat repairs in the Bay Area. Just ask Sting Ray Yacht Service owner, Isaac Streety “Scott is the best glass guy there is. I refer all my business his direction because he does the best work of anyone I know.” That is some very choice words coming from one of the top […]


Fiberglass Repair in Clear Lake

Scott is known as the top boat and yacht repair specialist in the Bay Area. When you need Fiberglass repair in Clear Lake you want to make sure your work is done properly to protect your investment. Whether a small boat or large yacht, Fiberglass Scott uses the best practice and latest and greatest techniques to insure that your vessel is repaired flawlessly with perfect paint and appearance on your gel coat. Scott specializes in complete marine restoration, and has […]


Finishing your Boat Repair

Finishing your boat repair Finishing your boat repair is a very satisfying part of the process. It is the most visible aspect of your the work. It doesn’t matter whether we have made the most structurally sound fiberglass repair or not. If the final step doesn’t look good, the work doesn’t look good. Leaving your boat looking completely undetectable from our work is the most difficult part of fiberglass boat repair. Blemishes in this stage are extremely difficult and virtually […]


Cosmetic Fiberglass Repair

Cosmetic fiberglass repair can add significant value and enjoyment to your boat Spider Cracks- These are small, hairlike cracks that appear on the gel-coat of boats.These cracks are generally cosmetic, and indicate flexing of the hull. Sometimes these spider cracks facilitate water to reach the the fiberglass structure which can cause blisters. Blisters- These are caused by water maintaining contact with fiberglass. The water assists in forming an acidic substance that decays the fiberglass and gel-coat. Where you find one […]

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Repair your boat quickly

We recommend to repair your boat quickly. Severe damage to boats often require structural repairs. An expert like Scott can help you determine if your damage is structural or cosmetic. In general, structural damage involves the disruption of the laminate system of the boat’s construction. This can be observed as major cracking or gouging. This damage may also be a result of major impacts or abrasions. In order for these to be considered structural, they must compromise the integrity of […]


Don’t try this at home!

Working fiberglass repair has several dangers that must be addressed. The primary concern is flying debris and dust particles. Shards of fiberglass can be extremely harmful to your eyes! It is crucial to wear safety glasses or a face shield anytime you are working with this material and power tools. Another concern is airborne dust and fumes. A respirator is a must to protect yourself to protect from dust, toxic vapors, and fumes. A quality respirator will provide a good […]

Fiberglass Repair 101

Fiberglass Repair 101…   Fiberglass repair would not be needed unless this was the ideal material for use in boat construction! What is commonly known as “fiberglass” is actually a combination of a resin and a glass or composite fiber. The resin is normally a two-part epoxy mixture or a two-part polyester mix. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. The fiber or cloth is encapsulated in the resin layer, giving it extra strength. Depending on the type of work to be completed, […]